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What Sets Us Apart in Addressing Disc Concerns

chiropractic adjusting tableToo often, we see people at Restore Chiropractic who are suffering from a herniated disc. They think that the only avenue left for them is to try to cope with the pain as best they can. That doesn’t have to be the end of the story for you. Every day, we are fortunate to play a part in improving people’s lives, even when they have had frustrations with a health challenge for decades.

What You Get at the Orthopedist

If you go to the orthopedist for your herniated disc, you’ll probably get a cortisone shot which just masks the pain. They don’t take a look at why you have a herniated disc, consider your lifestyle and how it may affect the disc or think about the long-term effects it has on your health. Think of trying to squish a balloon. If you put direct pressure, or even pressure, then when you’re squishing that balloon it’s going to come out evenly on all sides. But if you apply too much pressure on the right or on the left side then more of that balloon will start squishing out the other side.

What You’ll Get at Restore Chiropractic

You might think, “I didn’t have an injury or do anything! How did I get a herniated disc?” That’s what we’re here to get to the bottom of. We will perform a thorough assessment of your full body to determine what is causing your herniated disc.

We look at your alignment and areas of excess strain that are present. When we remove pressure from your nerves, your symptoms can resolve. In the longer picture, we want to make sure that the stress doesn’t return and herniate another disc or cause further issues.

Why Choose Upper Cervical Chiropractic?

Upper cervical chiropractic can be particularly effective at relieving herniated discs. Why? It’s an incredibly powerful technique that addresses a single area of the spine so that the rest of the spine’s alignment will fall into place. First, we’ll work to get you symptomatic relief. Then, we’ll get you set up to be proactive about your health in the long term.

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