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Trusting the Natural Path to Health

We enjoy sharing our patients’ success stories. Recently, Danielle visited our office to get help with the chronic migraine headaches that had plagued her for six years. She knew that her migraines weren’t related to hormones, diet or other factors after numerous visits to her primary care physicians.

“I always felt that the migraines and pain I experienced was related to the tension and problems in my upper neck. I previously tried physical therapy from two different practices, chiropractic care from chiropractors who did not specialize in upper cervical care and monthly massage therapy. I also took a prescription medication to temporarily take away the pain when I would have a migraine — which was only a short-term solution until the next time.”

Giving Hope on the First Visit

Danielle’s migraines occurred about every three weeks though sometimes were more frequent. The pain impacted her in various ways, making her physically ill, unable to enjoy social activities and work at her full potential.

“My husband and I wanted to start a family, and I knew that prescription medication for migraines wasn’t something I could continue taking. I needed to find a way to stop the cycle of migraine headaches that I was experiencing.”

Danielle knew from her first meeting with Dr. Gray that we would approach her problems differently, and it gave her hope. “Dr. Gray spent much more time with me than specialists and chiropractors have in the past, getting to know me and what I was experiencing.” Her first appointment included measurements and a discussion with Dr. Gray, with clear explanations each step of the way about Danielle’s current state of health.

We took X-rays on Danielle and explained them clearly to show her where the true cause of her migraines was located. She received advice, stretches and exercises to add to her daily routine. Other details such as the type of pillow she used, her posture at work and the important of icing each day were gone over at the start of her care. ‘‘This was very important and helped me a great deal.”

Getting Started with Adjustments

Danielle had previously seen three other chiropractors, all of whom provided similar care and would crack her neck and back, but never quite reach the area of her chronic tension and pain.

“The adjustments were much different than what I experienced in my previous chiropractic care. I also was not used to the resting part of the treatment that Dr. Gray has her patients do at each visit. This made perfect sense and seemed to help me so much! Although she has a clear schedule and frequency for your appointments based upon your treatment, she is flexible and always willing to see you at any time. I never experienced any trouble scheduling an appointment.”

Fighting for Change

Danielle’s experience with our practice wasn’t always easy for her. “The biggest challenge during the first 5-6 months was continuing to have migraine headaches come on when I felt that I was getting past it. I did, however, begin to notice that the tension and pain from my migraines were less severe and did not last as long as they previously would have. I stopped taking my prescription when I began coming to Dr. Gray and I no longer needed it to make a migraine headache go away, whereas before it was a must or it would hang around for days. I had been going through a busy and stressful time with work and other priorities, and it was difficult for me to truly rest and do all that I needed to do on my part.”

During her first visit, Dr. Gray clearly explained the stages Danielle would go through as we continued her care. “I trusted her throughout the process.” Dr. Gray explained that Danielle would eventually reach a point where her adjustments would be held and maintained by her healthy, fully functioning body, allowing her to experience lessened tension and pain.

“Over the past several months, I have not had a migraine headache. I am truly amazed at the progress I have made in less than a year, thanks to Dr. Gray and her treatment and care. She is knowledgeable, caring and truly takes the time to get to know you to best meet your needs. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t found Dr. Gray (through a colleague’s referral), I would be suffering the same tension/pain and migraine headaches without any solution.”

Danielle is free from the migraine headaches that used to hold her back from living her life to the fullest. She no longer takes her prescription migraine medication and can enjoy social events, work and her daily activities without worrying about triggering a migraine or hoping that she doesn’t get one every few weeks.

“I would tell new patients at Restore Chiropractic to trust Dr. Gray during their first few months of care. I remember her saying to me at my initial visit that if she didn’t think she could help me, she would be honest and would find someone who could. Although you may not feel immediate relief, trust the healing process and do the things Dr. Gray recommends. It takes time, but it works!

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