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The Importance of Minding Your Posture

Look around your workplace, the subway car on your morning commute or even your living room when everyone is home. What are you likely to see? Forward head posture. From texting and social media posting to surfing on our tablets and working at our computers, technology usage can wreak havoc on posture and more.

Are You Carrying an Extra Bowling Ball?

Considered to be a postural alignment condition, forward head posture is like carrying an extra 10-pound bowling ball on your shoulders. The result is an immense amount of stress is put on the neck and spine. That’s bad enough when we see that condition with adults, but it’s even more problematic with children, whose bodies are still developing. I had one young patient in the practice complaining of neck pain. The child’s head was so far forward due to using a phone and iPad.

Not only are kids walking around with their heads down looking at their gadgets but they’re also often toting backpacks that are too heavy. Many kids are carrying backpacks that weigh 25-30 pounds! Check out one of our past blogs for more information about ensuring that your child’s backpack isn’t too heavy.

Do a Postural Self-Assessment

As technology is here to stay, it’s a good idea to pay attention to your posture when you’re looking at your devices. Look downward with your eyes versus your head or keep your phone held in front of you when texting. Also remind yourself to sit up straight when reading, working at the computer or sitting in a meeting.

By maintaining a neutral spinal alignment, the natural position of your spine, you not only can feel better but you can enjoy improved health and have more energy.

If you’d like to have an analysis of your spine, contact Restore Chiropractic today!

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