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Stretch It Out

How do you start your morning routine? I have a tip for you that can start your morning off better than ever and keep you going throughout the day.

In those 5-10 minutes when you first wake up and are enjoying the warmth and comfort of your bed, start stretching out your body. It doesn’t take long and can be done for 5-10 minutes when you go to bed at night, too. Stretching allows your muscles to relax, giving you a better range of motion, decreased tension and a greater feeling of well-being.

Stretching can fight off the negative effects of our daily lives, such as:

  • Aging and inactivity, which can lead to muscle weakness and atrophy
  • Poor posture
  • Sitting too much
  • Stress
  • ‘’Text neck” from looking at electronic devices

The nervous system controls everything. Your muscles don’t contract unless the nervous system tells them to do so. If a muscle is chronically tight, there’s a reason. For example, your body might be trying to provide stability to an unstable joint, compensating for being misaligned or managing chronic, repetitive stresses like poor posture.

Therefore, simply stretching tight muscle tissue without correcting the reason it’s tight will only result in that muscle getting tight again, so chiropractic care is the first and most important step you can take in feeling better.

An additional benefit you might not know about is that stretching can help you hold your adjustment better, and possibly for longer, especially if your job involves repetitive movements. Once subluxations are removed by an adjustment, stretching can reduce the muscle tension present in your body.

Move Better to Feel Better!

Although you should also stretch before and after a workout to get your body warmed up and make progress in your workout routine, you should also consider stretching during the day. Create habits for movement when you are most sedentary, such as when you are seated at your desk during the day. There are lots of effective, free programs available online for yoga and stretching at your desk.

If you’re not sure where to begin, I’m happy to discuss some basic stretching and strengthening exercises with you. It is important to get muscles moving that may have been inactive for years. These stretches are designed to support the new alignment your adjustments give you. I can also recommend specific exercises based on your activities. For example, if you’re a runner, I might suggest hip openers or psoas stretches.

Please contact our Wayne chiropractic office to make an appointment today.

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