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What Restore Chiropractic Patients Are Saying…

  • For the first time in 10 years, I feel hopeful that I can live the rest of my life either pain-free or have my pain substantially reduced. Having hope alone is worth going!

    -Rebecca B.
  • Everybody in the office was extremely professional and welcoming, I honestly could not have had a better first visit.

    -Kevin C.
  • Thanks, doc! I’m confident I’ll get better with Restore!

    -Matt B.
  • Very impressive and thorough. Thank you!

    -Jr B.
  • Wonderful and healing experience for mind and body. Highly recommend.

    -Shahin Z.
  • Loved the whole experience with Dr. Gray and her staff.

    -Nancy H.
  • Looking forward to getting to know all of you better. And looking forward to improving my health and well-being.

    -Susan R.
  • You all have a great set up and good vibe. You have a strong start to a great practice.

    -Kevin H.
  • Loved Dr. Gray! She was super friendly and you can tell she genuinely wants to help her patients it’s not about money for her. I love the way she runs her practice, her philosophy, her approach and care for her patients. I truly felt hope for the first time seeing her.

    -Alison P.
  • Dr. Gray, you are an awesome healer!

    -Eleanor L.
  • Friendly and knowledgeable. Extremely impressed by their patience and skills working with my son on the spectrum.

    -Kevin M.C.
  • Dr. Gray is professional and extremely motivated to assist in her patients healing. I’m excited to be working with her and to be one step closer to a pain free future.

    -Renee D.
  • I felt so at ease with Dr. Gray and know that with time and “my” dedication to her treatments, in office and at home, my issues will be well taken care of.

    -Linda P.
  • Everyone was very caring and positive, even the other clientele. That positive atmosphere is an important supplement to the healing process not just what the doctor does.

    -Sharon V.
  • Dr. Gray was very thorough and explained everything to me in terms that I could understand.

    -Kevin M.
  • Dr. Gray is amazing!

    -Purva N.
  • It was a wonderful, calming experience from the time I arrived to the time I left. Thank you

    -Louise C.
  • Dr. Gray was very knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable. The assessment process was extremely thorough and I left the experience more knowledgable than when I walked in.

    -Chris L.
  • I have already experienced some relief. I am very happy so far. Looking forward to continuing the course of treatment!

    -Carren A.
  • Awesome experience today!

    -Dennis M.
  • Dr. Gray’s questions and knowledge were to the point, enlightening, and gave me confidence that she can help me.

    -Bill R.
  • I enjoyed my first visit to see Dr. Gray. I felt heard and the process of healing was explained thoroughly and clearly. I am hopeful that I will be enjoying strength and improvement over the next few weeks!

    -Nora F.
  • Great tools for diagnosing problems! And comprehensive explanations of alignment issues.

    -Mary Kay F.
  • I’m not afraid of the chiropractor anymore!

    -Suzanne L.
  • Dr. Gray is the first professional that understood my description of how the right side of my body seemed to be aging faster than the left side. No one else every understood that. Amazing!

    -Paul S.
  • I really appreciate the time and attention that was given. Very thorough explanation of your treatment method. I love the specialty services that you offer. Very friendly staff and a welcoming environment!

    -Nicole C.
  • Dr. Gray was extremely detailed with her explanations and very thorough in her exam. Her empathy and intuition were something I had not seen in a long time. I’m looking forward to feeling better.

    -Leslie A.
  • Dr. Gray was both approachable and thorough. I felt that I was in good hands.

    -Suzanne S.
  • Looking forward to a fantastic 2016!

    -Ted N.
  • Thanks for being there!

    -Ellen A.
  • Everyone is so nice and helpful I enjoy coming.

    -Nancy R.
  • Highly professional environment and skilled caring experience.

    -Patrizia N.
  • Restore Chiropractic is a lifesaver. My only regret is that I waited too long to see Dr. Gray.

    -Kelly M.
  • Every single aspect of this practice gets a 10 out of 10 from me.

    -Megan Z.
  • Dr. Gray is amazing!

    -Cindy B.
  • Really very impressed with how everything was explained. Probably one of the most efficient, relaxed and professional healthcare visits I’ve ever experienced. Very friendly and helpful staff too!

    -Carolyn B.
  • I am hopeful after just one visit and feeling better than I have in 5+ years that I can be helped by Danielle and her approach to chiropractic.

    -Terence F.
  • Great experience! I feel I am in good hands and appreciated Dr Gray’s thorough explanation of the challenges I have and the treatment required. Looking forward to a healing relationship!

    -Howard N.
  • What impressed me the most was the fact that in about 15 minutes the doctor was able to explain to me what was causing my issues and immediately started treatment… I have been to numerous doctors over the last 3 months with no resolution to my concerns. I am looking forward to my second scheduled visit. The professionalism in which the doctor works and genuinely cares was reassuring to me as I I have never had chiropractic care before.

    -Kirk L.
  • Very thorough visit!

    -Andrew N.
  • What a hidden gem! Highly professional owner and staff combines experience, knowledge and customer service in an exceptional overall visit.

    -Jack H.
  • The level of knowledge and professionalism are second to none.

    -James C.
  • Thank you for being there In addition to a great adjustment; You gave me hope. We all need that, too, for the journey.

    -Ellen A.
  • Love the relaxing, cool vibe of the office.  Dr. Gray is very “present” and listens well, she is knowledgeable and does a great job of explaining everything. My daughter felt so much better after just her first adjustment!

    -Sophie S.
  • In addition to feeling very comfortable and welcomed by Sabrina and Dr. Gray, the ambiance of the office is amazing – visual, scent, sounds. It felt like a spa – loved it!

    -Tracey M.
  • Very comprehensive exam AND Explanations!

    -Jim G.
  • My experience has been very positive. Everyone is quite friendly and makes me feel at ease. I would highly recommend Restore Chiropractic to anyone.

    -Bill M.
  • Dr. Gray is full of energy and very knowledgeable.

    -Paul E.
  • Dr. Gray is outstanding in her field. Her genuine warmth and aptitude create confidence and healing, like no other. So grateful to have found someone who is so committed to my well being.

    -Lauren K.
  • After 20 years of receiving chiropractic care, I think I’ve finally found a chiropractic approach that 100% matches my expectations.

    -Mark G.
  • What I received beyond a great education on my health and functional awareness is hope.

    -Thomas O.
  • I felt very welcomed. I appreciated the clarity of vision, to see how my body system is working now and prayerfully in the future.

    -Cheryl H.
  • Dr. Gray is an expert. She is trustworthy with your problems, and interacting with her is a pleasure!

    -Christopher S.
  • I had a great first visit and am hopeful that Dr Gray can help me with my issues. Dr Gray is very knowledgeable, very nice staff and office.

    -Ann K.
  • Very professional office helped instill confidence.

    -Gabrielle K.
  • I am grateful that you were able to adjust me on my first visit. Receiving the adjustment made the appointment seem even more productive.

    -Melinda V.
  • Looking forward to a great experience.

    -Susan H.
  • Dr. Gray was great and made sure I understood everything that we were doing in my first visit. She also gave a well described plan to help reduce my pain. I look forward to going back!

    -Christian Z.
  • Very thorough checkup. Friendly staff!

    -Jerry S.
  • Dr. Gray was wonderful! Very knowledgeable and warm/friendly with my son! The office was beautiful and the staff was very nice. Looking forward to Dr. Gray helping my son.

    -Caitlin M.
  • Amazing experience! Can’t wait to get started.

    -Caitlin P.
  • Very comprehensive and thorough approach!

    -Michael R.
  • Great experience I will definitely tell all of my friends about Restore!

    -Elizabeth C.
  • Everything was great!

    -Rich D.
  • BRAVO, BRAVISISIMO! The whole experience was Superb!

    -Ariadna F.
  • Best Chiropractic visit I ever had. I have been seeing different Dr’s on the East and West Coast over the past 22 years. One of the West Coast Dr’s was excellent but not as specialized or as advanced as Dr. Gray. I am excited to keep going forward.

    -Saundra G.
  • A completely professional, unique, and exhilarating experience.

    -Jeff D.
  • I am already so impressed by Dr. Gray after only two appointments! She is confident and knowledgeable in her field and actually listens to her patients.

    -Samantha M.
  • Very happy I made the decision to work with Dr Gray.

    -Dj M.
  • I finally believe I can get my problem under control.

    -Maria M.
  • I am so happy I have found Dr. Gray. She is kind and has already helped me feel better! The office is beautiful and clean and a very positive environment! I’m looking forward to a pain free future!

    -Rose S.
  • I’m encouraged and hopeful…feel like Dr. Gray will prove to be the right choice for me.

    -Mary E.
  • I had a very good experience during my first visit. I felt comfortable speaking with Dr. Gray and her explanations were clear and understandable.

    -Jeanne F.
  • Dr. Gray took her time with me and answered all my concerns. Loved the zero gravity chair! And my new ice pack!

    -Deedee F.
  • I love the staff… really tremendous people, very professional and exceptionally likeable!

    -Michael L.
  • I’m feeling better and better after each visit! What a positive experience!

    - Nicole T.
  • Restore Chiropractic goes way beyond your average chiropractic practice. I’ve been to many practices and this is levels above. This practice is not simply popping and cracking something back into place. You actually will learn about your body and why you have issues or pain. You will also learn how it can be fixed. I will recommend Dr. Gray and Restore Chiropractic to anyone who needs chiropractic help!

    -Andrew B.
  • Very happy to have found you.

    -Scott R.
  • Julia and I were so impressed with our first visit! We look forward to many more visits as we correct and heal Julia. We feel very confident that she is in good hands!

    -Jen B.
  • After two visits, I am back to walking long distances with no back pain! Two weeks ago, after a half mile, my back would be sore. Today I walked almost 7 miles and had no pain!

    -Kevin T.

Dr. Gray Has Changed My Life!

I came in a broken woman in constant pain and over the course of a few months, I have been amazed at a life without pain! Dr. Gray will always fit me in if I ‘m having an issue. I can honestly say, she has changed my life!

Jennifer G.

Helps Me Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Restore Chiropractic has helped me maintain an active lifestyle into my 50’s.  I would recommend them to anyone.

John G.

More Than Satisfied

I am more than satisfied with Dr. Gray’s care and attention to help correct my cervical imbalance. I especially appreciate the instructions for exercises as I want to do all I can for my own health. The staff was very pleasant and helpful from my first call and I enjoy the comfort of the office. Thank you!

Angela M.

Best Efforts

I am 3 weeks into my treatment so I am not certain of whether I will be pain free at the end but I am impressed with Dr. Gray’s personal story, knowledge base and general demeanor. She inspires confidence and I know she will give me all of her best efforts!

Pamela K.

Unexpected Health Benefits

“I have experienced great unexpected health benefits since beginning my treatment at Restore with Dr. Gray. In additional to virtually “healing” the leg pain I came in with, I have had mental clarity, reduced stress and, best of all, I haven’t gotten sick this year in any way, shape or form!”

Tara Z.

Most Knowledgeable Health Care Professional

“Danielle is by far the most patient, knowledgeable and kind health care professional I’ve worked with, and the BEST chiropractor I’ve worked with. I recommend her to everyone I know.”

Erinn W.

A Fantastic Overall Experience

“Dr. Gray is great at what she does and the environment at Restore is always calming.”

Morgan M.

I Am A New Person

“Dr. Gray is a miraculous healer.  I came to her with three years of severe chronic pain, fibromyalgia and depression.  I am now a new person who not only feels great, but looks younger!”

Donna C.

Proof Is In The X-Rays

“My back has tremendously changed. I am able to complete all my daily activities with ease. My x-rays prove that things are moving in the right direction!”

Natalie M.

Other Doctors Have Noticed The Difference

“Dr. Gray’s skill in upper cervical work has been indispensable to my family. My children suffer from chronic illness, and her treatments have significantly improved their immune system function, enough that their other doctors have noticed the difference. Within three months, symptoms that my one child suffered with for years were alleviated. Not only is Dr. Gray very knowledgeable, she also genuinely cares about her patients. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from pain or chronic illness.”

Megan L.

No Advil

“I thought I should tell you that the 3 adjustments, the exercises & my new walking posture have made a big difference in the way my back is feeling.  My 2 to 5 Advil days have melted away to none…my liver thanks you.  I will probably golf this coming week, but I’ll just approach it as a “no Advil” experience, instead of starting to pop them on the practice tee.  I was not sure that your confidence in providing a remedy was not some kind of mental attitude boost, but I now understand that “you’re really good.”

Chip R.

Life Saver

“I have had pain in my neck and shoulders for over a year. I went to physical therapy but it didn’t help. I met with Dr Gray and she educated me about why I am having the pain and how she can help. After a number of sessions I am pain free.  I highly recommend Dr Gray. She is a life saver!!”

Cindy M.

Only Logical

“After meeting Danielle and learning about Upper Cervical work, it seemed only logical to incorporate the C1/C2 work into my overall health maintenance.  I believe it has given my immune system an edge in detoxification as well as providing my central nervous system with a non obstructed way to operate.  I love that it is a clean and simple way to help optimize my health.”

A. O.

Restore Chiropractic Is In My Corner

“Dr. Gray is a godsend.  I came in feeling as though my left shoulder would never feel quite right.  I was in pain.  I carry all of my stress in my neck and shoulders, and I was just out of sorts.  I felt an amazing release after just my first adjustment.  It’s been all downhill since then.  Dr. Gray and Restore Chiropractic will be in my corner for life.”

Sarah M.

I Feel Great!

“Danielle has given me more health and movement.  I feel great!”

Natalie M.

The Good Feeling We All Deserve.

“I always return back when I need to!  Dr Gray–the best way to restore the good feeling we all deserve.”

Lisa C.

Chiropractic Care Helps!

“Dr. Gray is that rare doctor who goes above and beyond the call of duty to give the utmost care to her patients. She truly cares about the patient and seeks to offer the very best in terms of her services and counsel. Her practice has been a true blessing for my daughter and her healthy future.”

Jennifer J.

Restored Faith In My Body

“I’ve been an insomniac since I was a teenager (over 30 years), which led to an over dependence on caffeine.  I also suffered from low grade headaches and pinched nerve since a car accident in 2000.  I did not handle stress well and had lost my hair because of stress.  I was in poor health and generally tired of being tired.  I’d learned to get on with my life despite all these weird minor ailments.  I took pain meds and sleeping meds and just muddled through it best I could.  My experience with chiropractic care has been favorable.  I wasn’t sure what to expect but when I initially met with Dr. Gray she seemed to understand me immediately, which made me want to give it a go.  Since beginning chiropractic care I can feel the difference in the way my body responds to stress and poor posture and caffeine.  I am less dependent on sleeping pills and work hard at maintaining good posture and the pinched nerve is virtually gone.  Restore Chiropractic has restored my faith in my body; that I am still young enough to feel good and don’t have to suffer from aches and pains.”

Pam M.

I Avoided Surgery Thanks To Chiropractic Care!

“Danielle has changed my year for the better. I was headed to surgery for severe spondylolisthesis. This would have required the fusion of two vertebra, and a leave of absence from work for months. Thank goodness I took a leap of faith and began treatment with Danielle. My pain has diminished, my posture has improved and my state of mind after a correction is amazing! I feel relaxed and ready to take on the world. In a few words–TRY RESTORE CHIROPRACTIC–it works!”

Emmy V.

The Pain Is Gone!

“I want everyone to know that if you need relief from what ails you Dr Gray is the person to see!!! I could barely walk and now I am practically jumping (for Joy) after becoming her patient. the pain that I thought would be my lifelong constant unwanted companion has been sent packing via the adjustments from Dr. Gray. I searched high and wide for someone that I was comfortable with and her office is like a oasis of peace and healing. She is very professional and made me feel very much at ease the moment I spoke with her. Thank you Dr. Gray for helping me to heal!!!”


Doing Something For Myself

Everyone was awesome! Dr. Gray’s knowledge, patience and explanation of how things work with our bodies and how important being in alignment is made me realize I NEED to do this for myself. I get constant headaches, shoulder and neck pain and lower back pain. After she did my X-Rays, she showed me how out of whack I am. I was not injured in an accident, so I would have never thought I needed a chiropractor. I don’t think we all realize how our constant use of phones, computers and every day hectic stressful lives affect our health and if we do, we don’t have time to “fix it”. Well, I am going to do something for myself for once! Thanks so much for everything. I can’t wait for my next visit. Oh and another aspect of a doctor’s office that is so important to me, the staff/assistants. It’s refreshing to actually have a nice, helpful individual on the other end of the phone and across the counter when you come in. Thanks for making my first visit so great!


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