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Lyme Disease

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If you think you have Lyme disease, contact the office today!

As tiny as a period at the end of this sentence, the deer tick can create big health problems for many in the form of Lyme disease. While chiropractic doesn’t cure Lyme, it can help fortify the body if you do get it.

Symptoms Can Vary

Lyme attacks structural and neurological weakness within the body, so it’s often difficult to diagnose because the symptoms show up for different people in various ways. For some people, it’s excruciating knee, back or hip pain. Other individuals experience brain fog, head pressure, extreme fatigue and are unable to function.

Structural Weaknesses

As a chiropractor, I make sure we’re eliminating those structural deficiencies, so we can get the nervous system strong. If there’s interference in the nervous system, it’s usually caused by one of those top two bones in the neck.

Neurological Vulnerabilities

These tend to be at the brain stem level particularly with Lyme disease patients. We then work to get the right structure in place to get the interference off of the nervous system so it can function more optimally. Doing so allows us to build neurological strength.

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Help

Upper cervical chiropractic has a profound effect on the immune system and isn’t just for back and neck pain. If there’s structural misalignment that creates interference on the nervous system that compromises the strength of the immune system and weakens it. We aim to get patients’ nervous system and immune system functioning more strongly so their body can start fighting the Lyme disease. That’s why some people get sick, and others don’t.

Having had Lyme disease three times, I’ve never once been symptomatic. I haven’t had more than a sniffle since January 2006 and had been under chiropractic for a year before that. Our bodies are strong enough to fight things if the systems are functioning properly. Unfortunately, for people who get sick from Lyme disease, both their nervous system and immune system were compromised. And that’s why they end up so sick.

If you think you have Lyme disease, contact the office today. We’d like to help you.

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