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headache pain

You don’t have to reach for over-the-counter medications to get relief from headaches. Chiropractic can help!

As a hard-wired versus wireless system of the body, the nervous system needs to stay clear of interference to keep the body healthy. However, often when there’s an alignment issue of the C1 and C2 (the top two bones of the neck), dysfunction or disease can result, affecting the entire body.

Are You Experiencing Interference?

When it comes to headache relief, often people reflexively reach for over-the-counter medications yet don’t find the relief they’re seeking. They also may look at what they’re eating to see if there’s a connection. For example, some people find that gluten can cause headaches.

While those things are important, what people don’t realize is the spine and the vertebra of the spine are what’s wrapping around and protecting the nervous system. If there’s a compromise there or interference in the nervous system, specifically at those top two bones, it can cause the signal not to be functioning optimally.

Headaches can result when too much information travels up and down between the brain and the body or not enough information is relayed up or down from the brain and the body. Unfortunately, most neurologists and other medical practitioners don’t look to the structure of the spine to see if that could be creating the headaches.

The Structural Connection

I use upper cervical chiropractic for headaches and talk to patients about the importance of keeping the body neutral. A lot of people have a forward head tilt, or they’re hunching over all the time when using technology. For every inch forward your head is off center it’s an extra 10-12 pounds of pressure at the base of your cervical spine.

We also talk about ergonomics and how to use your body when doing chores such as vacuuming or carrying in your groceries. So many people today are on their phones and computers for extended periods, and those types of activities can have a significant impact on the formation of headaches.

A Chiropractic Correction

My goal is to get to the cause of the problem, make corrections and help patients understand how to be able to maintain those corrections whenever they’re out of the office.

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