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Headaches Aren't Normal!

woman with headache with hand on forehead All the time, we have patients come in who have been suffering from daily headaches or migraines for years or even decades. The neurologist and medical doctor give medications but do not address why you’re having your problem. If you have unresolved headaches, you’ve probably sought out all the obvious answers but still haven’t been able to live free from discomfort.

What’s Your Headache Type?

A headache can signal that you’re under stress. It may also be caused by anxiety, high blood pressure or depression. Here are the most common types of headaches:

Cluster headaches. These severe headaches may be throbbing or more constant. The sensation can be burning or piercing around or behind your eye. On the side where you have pain, your eye may redden, and your eyelid droop and your pupil will get smaller. The name comes from the fact that these headaches tend to occur in groups.

Tension headaches. Your pain can be mild to intense and be located behind the eyes, in your head or your neck. Often, people report a feeling like a tight band that is around their forehead.

Migraine headaches. This throbbing, pounding pain can last from hours to days. You may be sensitive to light, feel nauseous and feel completely unable to go about your daily activities because of the severe discomfort.

How Your Spine Can Cause Your Headaches

If your spine isn’t aligned, there is undue stress that is put on your body. Your muscles are constantly trying to compensate for the lack of alignment, which results in them holding unhealthy, tense patterns. We look to find the cause of your headache. Aspects such as your blood pressure, sinus pressure and cerebrospinal fluid flow are all assessed.

The Remarkable Results of Upper Cervical Correction

A simple check from an upper cervical chiropractor can make sure that your spine is in alignment. If not, the resulting neurological interference could be the cause of your pain. A correction to the spine can make a world of difference.

We have seen numerous cases of people whose lives were disrupted by debilitating headaches. They are now free of their pain. Find out more by contacting Restore Chiropractic today!

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