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Beat Your Sneezing This Allergy Season

Woman blowing noseThough warmer weather is welcome, too many people dread the change in season. With the trees growing leaves and flowering, more pollen is in the air. Plants release their pollen, and your body’s immune system might see it as an attack. As a result, it releases antibodies to attack your allergens, releasing histamine in the blood that can lead to itchy eyes, a runny nose and congested sinuses.

So, what can a chiropractor do for you? You might not see the connection right away. Most people don’t until we explain it to them!

Think of this: allergies are your immune system over-responding. Your body can’t regulate the immune system. By making sure your spine is in alignment, your immune system can function optimally and do what it should. In particular, the upper cervical area can have profound effects on your immune system.

Experience Quick Symptomatic Relief

Most people know that chiropractic is associated with musculoskeletal conditions. What you might not realize is that all winter long, our patients come into the office and tell us how everyone around them wonders, “How are you not sick like the rest of us?” By staying in alignment, their immune system is stronger. Though they’re exposed to the colds and flu that everyone else is, their body can function at its highest level by being in alignment.

We find that our patients with allergies typically see fast relief from their symptoms. The following year, you won’t even remember that you’ve had allergies before!

Benefit From Our Infrared Sauna

We have an infrared sauna on-site that is a fantastic complement to your allergy relief. If you have seasonal allergies or sinus pressure, our sauna has a broad range of benefits. It has seven times the detoxification power than a regular sauna. It will also stimulate the production of white blood cells and killer T-cells, which will boost your ability to fight off sickness.

A third benefit is the creation of an artificial fever—yes, fevers are a good thing! It’s your body’s natural healing response, which slows the growth of the virus or bacteria to weaken its hold on you and fight off the invaders.

Find out more about making your allergies a thing of the past. Contact Restore Chiropractic today!

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