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Are You Couch Slouching?

It’s cold outside, and the only place you’d rather be is curled up on the couch with the fireplace on. While that comfy sofa envelopes you in coziness, it’s likely not providing proper ergonomic support. That’s because most people tend to put themselves into forward head postures.

That happens because pillows tend to push the neck forward and down, which is a problem.

Another thing as far as couch position is people have their feet propped up on their couch or an ottoman without anything under their knees. As a result that position puts a lot of stress on the low back. You can’t be in one position on a couch for 3-4 hours and think you’ll get up and not be stiff and sore.

Get the Support You Need

Look at your head positioning, your knees and your back support when you’re relaxing. It’s important to make sure you have excellent lumbar support. Also, be sure you don’t have your head turned to the right or the left for too long when watching TV for example. If you stay in the same position night after night for 2-3 hours at a time for 10 or more years, it’s going to create a problem.

Put It in Neutral

Not your car, of course. You want to try to angle yourself and stay in a neutral position as much as possible. That’s why reading in bed is bad because people tend to have their head forward. I’ve had patients who were sick in bed with the cold and flu. They’ll say, “Now my neck and back are killing me, and I don’t understand why.” The reason they hurt is they’ve been lying on a soft bed without proper support for many hours at a time.

Keep Things Moving

While you don’t have to get an ergonomic office chair or buy a zero gravity chair to sit and relax, you do have to be smart. Get up off the sofa or chair and spend 5-10 minutes out of an hour doing some gentle stretches, so you’re keeping your body active while you’re relaxing.

Go ahead and enjoy curling up on the couch after a long day. Just remember to be in a neutral position and stay as relaxed and well-supported as possible. Your body will thank you!

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